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SchleckDruff lifts the experience of longdrinks and cocktails to a new level: We developed Frozen Drinks on a stick (popsicles) that are supposed to match the original drink as closely as possible. Importantly, our product is not just flavoured like the underlying original drink but it contains the actual flavours of it. Thus, with the right liquor and flavours almost any classical, modern or fancy drink can be replicated and enjoyed as a Frozen Drink. For this season Gin&Tonic as well as Moscow Mule Frozen Drinks are offered. Of course, there will be plenty more drinks available in the future. Each SchleckDruff contains 11.5%Vol.Alc. This amount of alcohol has not been realized in a popsicle before without foregoing a desireable texture of the ice. Nonetheless, SchleckDruff solved this issue with an innovative formula that allows for both, to enjoy the product like a normal popsicle and to store it using conventional freezers.

SchleckDruff Frozen Drinks are produced in Berlin and will be primarily distributed via events and festivals. Furthermore, SchleckDruffs can also be ordered online with direct delivery to the customer. Our claim is to produce Frozen Drinks of highest quality that will give the customer a complete new and enjoyable experince consuming drinks. Why shouldn‘t we be able to consume popsicles a grown-up way?! We‘ve loved popsicles in pre-alcohol times and, speaking for ourselves, this has not changed. Therefore, we want them to be become mature! SchleckDruff realizes this and also has some nice effects that a liquid drink doesn‘t. Try it yourself and get „verschleckt“!

Our Frozen Drinks

Where can I buy it?

Order directly from us and get your Frozen Drinks delivered!

Order directly from us and get your Frozen Drinks delivered!

Get SchleckDruff easily delivered to your home or your next party. Our products are shipped to you frozen with dry ice.

All you have to do to get your Frozen Drinks is to send us a request. Just tell us when, where and how much popsicles you need and we immediately make you an offer.

Event promoters and caterers will receive an individual offer upon request.

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Watch out, our Frozen Drinks contain alcohol!

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